21 February 2017

A visit to Skipton on a steam train

Last week Dad and I enjoyed a trip on the very first normal timetabled steam train service in 50 years! Yep, it was a pretty special day!  

16 February 2017

a weekend in Ennerdale...

We booked a few days off work last weekend and went away, Friday to Monday to a wee cosy cottage in Ennerdale.  Ennerdale is an area neither of us know very well and we were super excited to explore this new 'wild' place.

15 February 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 39

Well it's been a fantastic few days for me! I have been off work since Friday last week (back in today though boo, I'm typing this in my lunch hour). We enjoyed a delightful few days away in a beautiful cottage in the Lakes and it was really truly wonderful.  I won't go into too much detail because you know there WILL be a blog post (or two! hehe).

But here are the little details that put an extra smile on my face this week:

10 February 2017

A visit to Gibside

I recently enjoyed a lovely day out with my sister, Phil her husband to be (very soon!) and of course James. We picked somewhere where none of us had been before, but somewhere really close to where they live in Gateshead.