16 August 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 54

Oh dear, failed last week. I totally had my little list and had an image sorted and everything but just didn't get round to it for whatever reason. I think I do recall it being one of 'those' days, you know the kind, where a large family bar of chocolate is picked up from the shop on the way home. Moan and groan, they seem to be quite frequent recently (although not all resulting in quite so much chocolate I will add!)

I'm trying to be organised this week and on top of myself, so I am typing this on Tuesday lunchtime, as I am off to Lancaster and then Ambleside for a few days for work from tomorrow and I think if I don't get it done now I will very likely just forget again...

But always in amongst the busyness there are always the wonderful things... these are from the last couple of weeks...

2 August 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 53

Here's my little list of stuff that's keeping the smile on my face this week:

26 July 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 52

A Wonderful Wednesday to you! Here's this week's stuff that's making me smile...

13 July 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 51

It's that mid week time again so that must mean it is time for another Wonderful Wednesday...

Here's a little list of happy things that make me smile...

10 July 2017

Daydreaming and dog walks in Caldbeck

Sunday was a pleasant enough sort of day, Dad and I decided we wanted to take Kara dog somewhere for a little walk.

Kara can't really walk far now, she's getting on a bit you see. Plus also getting over pretty major surgery to remove lumps above her eye and on her head. These days she has to be lifted in and out of the car and is a little unsteady on her feet. But she still has boundless optimism and enthusiasm for everything. I think she'd attempt to take on Scafell Pike given the chance! hehe.

5 July 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 50

Those right there are allotment strawberries. Yup I grew them! Well I didn't actually, they grew themselves quite happily just growing away in their little corner with no help or interference from me. This allotmenting malarkey is fluke and good luck if you ask me. But look at them, they are strawberry coloured and strawberry shaped and they tasted pretty darn strawberry like too. Well isn't that just enough to put the biggest smile on your face?

But in case it wasn't enough here's some more of the good stuff keeping me sane of late:

26 June 2017

Allotment update ...2

I've had some annual leave over the past couple of weeks so lots of time to spend in my allotment, yeah! Turns out things happen super quickly in the allotment at this time of year and you have to keep on top of things. Lots of exciting developments, so I thought I would do a little update...

7 June 2017

Wonderful Wednesday... 49

Oh dear, I feel like this little hiding place is being somewhat neglected of late, probably just when I need it the most. Things are just 'busy' and 'stressy' you know, lots of thing going on yet nothing in particular and I'm just loooonging for some time to just well do nothing at all.

But in amongst the busyness I have gathered together a happy little list. It is important when stuff is a struggle to focus on the small things you are grateful for that make the hard things all seem worth it...

24 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday.. 48

I walked to work a little slower on Tuesday morning, with a heavy heart, still trying to process the morning's news. Oh Manchester, my Manchester, just ugh. My last WW post, just 2 weeks ago 'Manchester' was on my little happy list.

I don't feel happy or 'wonderful' today, lots happening in the world, lots happening closer to home, lots of things whirring and whirring around in my head. But I guess then, it makes these little lists ALL the more important. I will admit that I have had to try quite a bit harder than usual with this:

Here's a little list of happy things of late:

12 May 2017

Camping in the woods...

So the other weekend was our very first camp out in OUR woods! You can read all about the woods in this post here. Neither of us have stayed over before, because well it's been a bit cold for camping really... and erm bears! hehe.

11 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 47

Erm... just going to leave this little post here and hope nobody notices that it's not in fact Wednesday at all anymore... lol... shhhhh!

Wonderful Wednesday, for those who may be new here, is a little list of lovely things that have put a smile on my face so far this week.  It was the genius of Miss Sally Tangle, and there's a wee group of us who joined in.  Thinking about these, writing these, reading my blogging friend's lists really do help to keep that big smile on my face..

5 May 2017

A handmade walking stick

A little bit of a different sort of craft on the blog today. I thought I would share how Mark and I (well mostly Mark I won't lie) made a beautiful wooden walking stick out of a Hazel branch...

3 May 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 46

Hello there, it is time for yet another instalment of this little blog segment we like to call, ah Woooonderfuuuuuuul Wednesday...

And here for your reading pleasure is this week's happy little list of stuff and things....

21 April 2017

A crochet blanket for a baby girl

I completed yet another crochet baby blanket, you can look back on previous blankets right here, should you like that kind of thing.

19 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 45

A very merry Wonderful Wednesday to all. If it was not for the weekly ritual of this little post I frankly wouldn't know what day it was at all! I should be a day behind, as we started the working week on a Tuesday, but no for some reason I'm a day ahead, and I was convinced it was Thursday all morning...!

Aside from getting myself in a muddle, the four day weekend was rather lovely wasn't it! I think every weekend should be like that, or at least once per month, I won't be too greedy. Oh and the eating of large chocolate eggs is probably necessary every weekend too. I might start up a political party for the next general election (ohhh myyyyy yaaaaaawn!) with those two policies, who's WITH me?

So whatever day it is, here's what's been making me smile for the past few....

15 April 2017

A walk around Derwentwater

First camping trip of the season, DONE! Wuhu! Check out my camping face. It is quite the tradition for Mark and I to go to Keswick for our very first camping trip of the year, we have been doing it for the past few years.

13 April 2017

Visiting Windsor Castle

I recently treated myself to a visit to London, to catch up with some friends and have a bit of a reminisce about the days in which I used to live there.  It's been 8 years since I left the big smoke so thought it was time I went back.

During my short stay I was super keen to pop to Windsor on the train and visit a very very old friend, my favourite castle in the world (yep sorry Carlisle!) Windsor. This place will always have a special place in my heart because well, look at it, but also I spent 5 years of my life working here!

12 April 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 44

Well well, where have I BEEN?  I never apologise on my blog, well because frankly it's MY blog and I blog when I want, plus I am pretty certain nobody noticed I was missing (except my Mum, I know she reads weekly, hi Mum, Fanks!) hehe.

So it's an extra super dooper bumper edition this week and will cover some wonderfullness of late. I've got pictures and everything!!! I feel like I have SO much to tell and there are tons of blog posts in draft, busy, busy, busy... so let's get down to it then shall we...

9 April 2017

Allotment update...

You may remember WAY back at the end of summer last year we got an allotment. I wrote an excitable blog post here.  I have been desperate to do an update, but really there hasn't been that much to update.

The allotment isn't always very picturesque and we have simply been digging over beds all winter, nothing exciting.

But now is the exciting time of year, we have begun to plant and we are seeing signs of growth too, so I thought I would do an update post now I have something to show...

31 March 2017

Our very own woods...

So something hugely exciting happened recently... Mark bought a woods! Yep, purchased actual land with trees on. (and therefore I like to think of it as mine too! haha).  It's been an ambition for Mark since he was young so we are both super excited.

22 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 43

Well hello and a Wonderful Wednesday to you! I missed last week, I wasn't feeling it somehow. I felt a bit uninspired and couldn't come up with a little list without it seeming 'forced' so if that's the case sometimes I just won't post, instead of posting something that doesn't feel 'right' does that make sense?

Nothing at all wrong, I'm my usual positive, happy self... and this week I am all inspired again, hurrah! So let's get on with it...

20 March 2017

Experiences, not things!

What would you rather spend your money on, that pair of designer shoes, the latest must have eyeshadow palette or a day out somewhere lovely with friends or family?

I know which one I would choose every single time... experiences over things always!

8 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 42

Helloooo, and a very Wonderful Wednesday to you. I'm actually typing this with sun streaming into the office, actual sun! It almost, almost feels spring like out there.

My picture this week is from a few weeks back in the Lakes, not been anywhere nearly pretty enough lately for photos, boo.

Well if the sun isn't enough to put a smile on your face, here are some other little things that have been keeping me happy this week...

1 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 41

Another Wednesday already, how can that be? To be honest I am ALL over the place this week, no idea what day it is, what I am doing, where I am or who I am! I was struck down on Saturday with food poising (or could have been the plague!!), and I'm trying not to be too dramatic here but it really was the worst 'illness' I have ever experienced. I'm just not an ill person, like ever, the old cold yeah, but never 'ILL' ill... 

So I haven't exactly done a lot the last few days, just wondering when I will feel like eating ever again... not even pancakes could tempt me, PANCAKES (I MUST be ill, right!)

23 February 2017

A primary coloured crochet baby blanket

Made another crochet blanket for a baby... This beauty is for a brand new teeny tiny girl born just 3 weeks ago.  This blanket, for a change, was decided upon, designed and made entirely by me and do you know what I do declare it to be my favourite blanket yet. I just adore the colours.

22 February 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 40

Another week mid way through already, it's the end of February next week, HOW does this happen? I know it is such an obvious thing to say but my my we are wizzing through this year already aren't we!  I'm starting to feel the pressure now with all those new years goals and resolutions I set myself... yikes!

But this week has been fine, a normal week at work, plodding along same as usual mostly...

Let's get down to business then shall we? Here's what's been keeping that smile on my face this week:

21 February 2017

A visit to Skipton on a steam train

Last week Dad and I enjoyed a trip on the very first normal timetabled steam train service in 50 years! Yep, it was a pretty special day!  

16 February 2017

a weekend in Ennerdale...

We booked a few days off work last weekend and went away, Friday to Monday to a wee cosy cottage in Ennerdale.  Ennerdale is an area neither of us know very well and we were super excited to explore this new 'wild' place.

15 February 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 39

Well it's been a fantastic few days for me! I have been off work since Friday last week (back in today though boo, I'm typing this in my lunch hour). We enjoyed a delightful few days away in a beautiful cottage in the Lakes and it was really truly wonderful.  I won't go into too much detail because you know there WILL be a blog post (or two! hehe).

But here are the little details that put an extra smile on my face this week:

10 February 2017

A visit to Gibside

I recently enjoyed a lovely day out with my sister, Phil her husband to be (very soon!) and of course James. We picked somewhere where none of us had been before, but somewhere really close to where they live in Gateshead.

8 February 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 38

This week I have mostly been ill, not 'real' ill, just an annoying cold. And annoying it really is, I would quite like my tastebuds and sense of smell back now please, oh and being able to breath through my nose to sleep would be a bonus, hehe.

But anywho, I shall focus on the positives... I just went to Spinning class with said cold, and being able to breath is probably advisable for spinning, so was dreading it. But I kicked ass and hopefully sweated out my cold at the same time. I don't do sitting and wallowing when ill, got to fight the thing out....! hehe.

6 February 2017

I gave up chocolate for January!

Image: Cosmopolitan

Yep, you did read that headline correctly, for the entire month of January absolutely NO chocolate what so ever passed my lips! I think this must be the longest I have gone without chocolate in my entire life. I'm seriously not joking.  Chocolate is kind of my thing, haha! Certainly my biggest vice or bad habit and something I truly believe I am entirely addicted to.

1 February 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 37

Hello hello! Well this feels nice doesn't it, a new WW post on the first of a brand new month, I do enjoy it when things line up like this.

Let's get straight to it shall we...

25 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 36

Well how are you? I'm just fine thank you for asking...My week is going great so far and I'm in a stupidly good mood. I'm pleased I have managed to maintain a somewhat good mood for the majority of this depressing month, winning! But as payday is in sight now... I feel my mood just getting better and better, hehe.

But here are the little bits that have been putting that extra bit of sparkle on my week...

23 January 2017


I'm getting really into piercings at the moment, can I stress here that when I say that I STRICTLY mean nothing below the neck! hehe.  So I am writing this little post to talk a little about my piercings and show off some pretty jewelry.

18 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 35

Most wonderfullest of Wednesdays to you!

Looking through my phone to pick out a header image for this post, I realise I haven't really taken any 'proper' photos yet this year! Just a bunch of crap selfies, and screenshots of ear piercings... so I present to you a probably seen before landscape image from a couple of months ago, it's very pretty though!  (must take more photos!)

So have the January blues hit you yet? I am thrilled to report I am GOOD! I am still hanging in there with my resolutions (well, er, mostly) and I feeling quite positive about life... I don't even care that I have no money (nope, not a bit! eek!) and the weather is dreadful...

Let's take a closer peek at what's keeping that smile on my face this week...

13 January 2017

How I plan to stay organised in 2017

So I usually do some sort of annual post looking back on previous year's goals, reviewing them and then setting some more.  Well, I'm changing it up a bit...

2016 was great in so many ways (I moved in with Mark this year!) but it was also a bit crap in so many ways and looking back I don't feel like I achieved much.  Yes I have set many goals for myself this year, I always do, and will continue to always do so.  But this year I think it is more interesting, and probably better for my chances of actually achieving them, to discuss and focus on the HOWs instead of the whats.... 

11 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 34

Well hello! I feel all refreshed and inspired to blog more this year and this has a lot to do with my fancy new blog layout.  If you are reading on your phone or through a blog reader and cannot see my lovely layout properly, then do please visit me on a desktop computer and have a peek...

My lovely blog design is the work of my very talented sister, her portfolio can be viewed here... sorry, couldn't help getting in a little plug there.... :-)

To go with my new blog layout I'm also experimenting with some new Wonderful Wednesday graphics, these will probably change over the next few weeks until I settle on a style I like.  I like to be able to make the little graphics for these on my phone and currently using the app 'Over' SO good!

Anywho... onto the happiness...

10 January 2017

Make your own taggy baby sensory toy

I was recently asked to make a baby taggy, sensory toy for a friend's daughter.  I thought I would take a few pics of my process so I can make a little tutorial for this here blog...

4 January 2017

Wonderful Wednesday ... 33

Ah, the very first ww post of 2017! And a very merry new year to you all! Hope you had a super festive break.
I seem to have missed a few weeks here yet again, so this post will be a look at some of the happy things that have happened over the past couple of weeks...

3 January 2017

2016 in craft

And the second in my annual round up posts. You may have spotted my 2016 Adventures post here, well this time it's my 2016 in craft.

It really does make me truly happy to compile all these makes together into one post to look back upon. (It also makes it super easy for future reference when I am searching links and patterns to things, hehe). But it's all part of reflecting on my year and my achievements. I'm always super proud of everything I make and this makes me happy.

2 January 2017

The outdoor adventures of 2016

I've been writing up review posts of this kind for the past good few years now and I just LOVE compiling these. You can see here 2013, 2014 and 2015.  It is part of my new year ritual to look back through the year and realise what fun adventures I have had, and 2016 is certainly no exception.

I've always said I blog for me first and foremost, I love having this 'diary' of the things I have done so I can look back and remember super fun times.

So here is my 2016 in outdoor adventures: